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  • Mother - The Queen of our life - Mothers Day

    Mother - The Queen of our life - Mothers Day

    Every living creature on this planet is born out of a mother, and she remains the queen of their life. A special day to celebrate and pamper this soul is "Mother's Day".  The remaining 364 days are for us to experience this unconditional love we receive from them and to return it with utmost sincerity.Our first love begins here, with this wonderful soul called Mother.  They have taught u [...]
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  • History of T-shirts

    History of T-shirts

    The printed t-shirt is so much a part of modern life that most people don’t stop to consider its history. Printed t-shirts, however, did not just fall out of the sky; they came into existence through impressive technological innovations. The garment itself was originally intended to be a man’s undergarment, to be worn under his military uniform or suit. Soldiers and sailors serving dur [...]
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  • 6 Branding Ideas for your Business !

    6 Branding Ideas for your Business !

    6 Branding Ideas for your Business Growth Custom apparel is always a great way to brand a business. With specially designed apparel on every employee, businesses can guarantee that the staff is working to promote the business image any time they're on the clock. Providing company Tee’s s will keep the staff looking clean and uniform, giving the entire company a more professional and pulled-t [...]
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  • What is TeeDaddy ?

    What is TeeDaddy ?

    TeeDaddy : Your online tee maker  TeeDaddy plays a Daddy role when it comes to T-shirts. It’s the most trusted platform were - You can Create tee, Shop tee, Sell tees and Buy plain tees in bulk if you are a business. Create your own customized t-shirts and hoodies for yourself, family, university, office or for your club with best quality for low cost. At TeeDaddy, we offer the best cu [...]
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