Mother - The Queen of our life - Mothers Day

Mother - The Queen of our life - Mothers Day

Every living creature on this planet is born out of a mother, and she remains the queen of their life. A special day to celebrate and pamper this soul is "Mother's Day".  The remaining 364 days are for us to experience this unconditional love we receive from them and to return it with utmost sincerity.
Happy Mothers Day 2016
Our first love begins here, with this wonderful soul called Mother.  They have taught us all the good virtues in life.  Many are the roles played by her in our lives - Our best friend and teacher, a role model, the fashion expert, our best critic etc.  We look up to our mother, in every stage of our life.  We earn and carry every bit of her throughout our life, and so is our sense of fashion, style and elegance.  A statement thats truly connected - "Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will' - Anne Klein. 

Mothers always look fabulous. !!! Our first fashion model has always been our mother, and we have grown up wanting to dress neat & trendy like her.  A mothers wardrobe is often pried by her daughter, with an eye to possess/ inherit one of her best apparel. 

Style is an important part of a woman's clothing, be it a fashionable outfit or a modest clothing.  They always look and feel great about themselves through fashion, by the clothes, accesories and the make-up or no make-up they wear.  Women are the only species who guide every other soul with  fashion trends & suggestions to update one's wardrobe. 

Affordable or the branded expensive clothes, our ladies always look chic.