Sell your designs - easy & hassle-free

Earn pounds for your creativity & “Creativity make careers”. Create your own online store if you are ambitious and self-motivated with NO INVESTMENT. Follow the simple steps to design, set- up your own margin & headlines in advertisements. It’s quick and easy to launch! Give a try..

Simply use our CREATE options to make a design by drawing, uploading image or text on tee. You need not give any size or color options because we will be asking the end customers when they are about to buy it !
Make up your mind for how much margin you want and setup the 'Final Price'. It's now ready to display! Share the template in social networking
Now, it's time to relax a bit and sit in your couch and watch what's happening. When a customer checks your advertisement and buy it from the store, we take away our basic tee & printing charge and you get the profit markup that you choose to sell your creativity for. Extra monthly income by using your time and ideas wisely through Teedaddy.

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Sell your designs - easy & hassle-free